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Nest Cam with floodlight

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Opinion: I was ready to throw my Nest ecosystem in the trash – Google just earned a second chance

google nest cam wired indoor

I’ve been all-in on Google’s smart home ecosystem for the past several years, but with the soft reboot in 2021, things started falling apart, and frankly, I was getting tired of it. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been prepared to throw out my entire Nest ecosystem and move on to something else. But with new hardware and a revamped app that shows the company is actually listening to customers, Google just earned a second chance.

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Google Home app is getting a website with Nest cam live feeds, automation ‘Script Editor’ in 2023

google nest cam battery stand

Ahead of the launch of Matter and its smart home reinvention later this year, Google has some big new announcements for the Google Home app, including support for a website where you’ll be able to view live feeds for Nest cameras, and unlock more powerful script editor automation in the future.

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The new Google Home app fixes the truly terrible history view for new Nest cameras

google nest cam

If you’ve purchased any of Google’s new Nest cameras in the past year, you’re probably familiar with the awful experience that comes with trying to view recordings. With its redesigned Google Home app, the company is finally fixing the problem by stealing the history page from the old Nest app.

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