Nvidia GeForce Now Stories December 16, 2020

One of the bigger changes in the gaming world for 2020 was the rise of cloud gaming services like Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and Amazon Luna. Here are some fantastic controllers and accessories to upgrade your personal kit or to give to the Stadia or cloud gamer in your life.

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Nvidia GeForce Now Stories November 19, 2020

Nvidia GeForce Now will work through the Chrome browser early next year

Nvidia GeForce Now is about to get a bit easier to use on a computer. Next year, GeForce Now is expanding to Google Chrome, allowing gameplay with nothing more than a new browser tab.

Nvidia GeForce Now Stories October 22, 2020

Just about every Chromebook has access to a variety of different perks from free storage to apps and games. Now, the latest perk is a free 3-month subscription to Nvidia GeForce Now, a service that just recently extended support to Chromebooks.

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Nvidia GeForce Now Stories September 10, 2020

Most Chromebooks aren’t capable of running modern games natively, but thanks to services such as Stadia and GeForce Now, they’re becoming capable gaming machines. Now, GeForce Now on Chromebooks is getting an upgrade to sync with your Steam library.

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Nvidia GeForce Now Stories August 18, 2020

As game streaming grows in popularity, current services are improving and expanding. Today, Nvidia GeForce Now is making a big expansion as it arrives on Chromebooks, at least in a beta form.

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Nvidia GeForce Now Stories June 10, 2020

Nvidia GeForce Now was one of the first game-streaming services to hit the scene, and it was originally a huge selling point of the Nvidia Shield TV. Now that the service has expanded, Nvidia is rolling out further support for Android TV devices to use GeForce Now, but that support arrives with some big asterisks.

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