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Bandwidth: Xbox Game Pass dominates E3, plus new GeForce Now titles

E3 2021 brought a bunch of new game announcements, and while cloud gaming wasn’t a major focus of the event, Xbox Game Pass got some major wins. Here’s what you need to know.

Nvidia GeForce Now Stories June 11

Bandwidth: GeForce Now will give Priority access for free during E3, xCloud takes aim at the TV

Nvidia GeForce Now is technically free, but the Priority tier makes it a far better experience. As a special promotion during E3 2021, GeForce Now will offer its upper tier for free for a limited time.

Nvidia GeForce Now Stories June 4

Bandwidth: June games for PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, and the latest GeForce Now additions

With a new month comes a refresh to the library for just about every cloud gaming platform. This week, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now announced new additions for June as GeForce Now and Luna also added new titles. Here’s what you need to know.

Nvidia GeForce Now Stories May 28

Bandwidth: GeForce Now and Luna add new games; Sony plans to ‘strengthen’ PlayStation Now

Cloud gaming goes beyond Google Stadia. In our first installment of “Bandwidth,” we’re looking at new games added to GeForce Now, promised for Amazon Luna, and Sony’s plans to build on PlayStation Now.

Nvidia GeForce Now Stories May 27

You might have that one friend who simply won’t give PC gaming a chance, try as you might to get them to build their own rig. NVIDIA GeForce NOW democratizes the PC gaming experience by giving you access to some of the very best free-to-play online multiplayer games without needing access to a high-end gaming rig.

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Nvidia GeForce Now Stories May 20

The age of gaming at just one “station” in your home is over, and cloud gaming services usher in an era of PC-quality gaming on the go. NVIDIA GeForce NOW can be played across PC, laptop, Mac, and mobile, and with that transition in mind, here are five of the best controller-friendly games that you can play right now.

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