Peacock Stories November 21

Where to watch the 2022 World Cup on Android, Google TV, and ChromeOS

This week marks the somewhat overdue start of the 2022 World Cup. This guide will direct you to the best streaming service you can use to watch the World Cup on your Android, Google TV, or ChromeOS device.

Peacock Stories November 8

Peacock will start streaming local NBC channels this month in over 200 markets

Peacock is about to pick up a valuable new tool, as NBC is bringing local channel streaming to subscription holders starting this month.

Peacock Stories May 2

NBC’s Peacock is the home of hits such as “The Office” and “Parks & Rec,” but the streaming service has long felt like a chore to use due to its unintuitive app layout. Today, Peacock is sharing a first look at its TV interface redesign, among other announcements.

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Peacock Stories November 24, 2021

New Android TV, Chromecast with Google TV devices get six free months of Peacock Premium

NBC is giving away six free months of Peacock Premium to new owners of Android and Google TV devices in a long-running offer that will be available all of next year.

Peacock Stories September 28, 2021

YouTube TV customers are once again feeling the effects of a contract dispute between the platform and its content partners. This time around, NBC may remove all of its channels from YouTube TV, but it seems one part of the dispute may have been that NBC tried to force Google to bundle Peacock in with YouTube TV subscriptions.

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Peacock Stories May 25, 2021

About a year after its release last July, NBC is finally adding support for a basic feature on its streaming platform. Today, Peacock is adding support for profiles on Android and iOS among other platforms.

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Peacock Stories May 24, 2021

Peacock for Android TV appears to add 5.1 Surround Sound support w/ latest update

Following its launch last year, NBC Peacock has expanded its library and arrived on new platforms. Now, the service is also finally rolling out support for 5.1 Surround Sound to Peacock subscribers on Android TV devices.

Peacock Stories June 23, 2020

NBC’s Peacock will be available on Android, Chromecast, Android TV at launch

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new video streaming services, and the latest from NBCUniversal, Peacock, has confirmed it will launch on Android, Chromecast, and Android TV devices.

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