S-II Stories May 20, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4 (front, side)

A Dutch appeals court today upheld a 2011 decision that banned the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace phones, as noted by Re/code. The devices in question were found to have infringed on Apple’s design in an earlier ruling and blocked from sale.

Apple’s original intent was to get an injunction against all Galaxy devices, but the company was forced to settle instead for just the two devices listed above.

Even though Apple and Google recently decided to settle their differences, thus halting the “thermonuclear warfare” instigated by former CEO Steve Jobs, there’s no indication that Apple plans to stop going after Samsung or other manufacturers directly any time soon. In fact, Samsung was recently found to have infringed on Apple’s design yet again with some of its newer devices and order to pay nearly $120 million in damages.

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S-II Stories October 26, 2011

From 9to5toys.com:

Buy.com via eBay Daily Deal has the Samsung Galaxy SII unlocked phone for $489.99 with free shipping.  That’s the lowest price we could find by about $100.  This 4.3″ screen, dual core Android 2.3.5 smartphone will work on just about any GSM network in the worldwith a SIM card. expand full story

S-II Stories September 26, 2011

After Samsung this morning announced they have sold 10 million Galaxy S II’s into retail channels, T-Mobile has made their own variant official with an October 10th pre-order date and $229 price tag.

While the majority of the specs on the device mirror other Galaxy S II variations, the real story here is support for T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network thanks to the switch from Samsung’s Exnos processor to a 1.5GHz Qualcom dual-core Snapdragon chip.

Other features are similar to the Epic 4G and other variants including a 4.52-inch Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel main camera, NFC capabilities, 16GB internal storage, and Android 2.3.4.

The device will officially hit retail stores on October 12th. The $229 price point will of course require the usual two-year agreement in addition to a $50 rebate. expand full story

S-II Stories September 21, 2011

Trying to get in before the October 4th flood perhaps, today AT&T announced their Galaxy S II varient would hit shelves on October 2nd.  We’ve talked extensively about the Galaxy SII here (read).  As a refresher, AT&T’s is closest to the international version with the same 4.3 inch display – contrasted with the 4.5 variety that T-Mobile and Sprint are carrying.  Interestingly, it will also have NFC, which Sprint’s surprisingly doesn’t.  Sprint is a partner in Google’s NFC-based Wallet initiative.

This is an amazing phone but it is interesting that AT&T is squeaking it in before the iPhone announcement.  On the other hand, it says something that AT&T is going with the Galaxy SII moniker rather than something like “Captivate 2”.  It seems like Samsung’s Galalxy S line can stand on its own.  T-Mobile called its 4G Vibrant model the Galaxy S earlier this year so it appears to be a trend. expand full story

S-II Stories September 9, 2011

Well looky here.  After all of the commotion over who is getting the Galaxy S II first in the US (Sprint, really), a regional carrier shows up with a pretty incredible deal.   GCI, who does the HSPA+ version of 4G in the Anchorage Alaska area is already fulfilling orders on the phone for $99 with plan as we wait for Sprint’s version to hit shelves later this week.  Engadget tipsters already have them in hand in fact.

How did they do this?  Well, it looks like they just snapped up some of the international S II version without any mods.  Regional carriers, you win.

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S-II Stories August 26, 2011

Pocketnow has leaked an exclusive shot of all of Samsung’s Galaxy S II variants on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You’ll notice both the T-mobile and Sprint versions are rounded, while the AT&T version is square. Besides the shape we don’t see any noticeable differences between the devices (besides the branding of course). You might be thinking, where’s the Verizon version? This week we reported that Verizon wouldn’t be carrying a Galaxy S II variant for the time being, and it was later confirmed by the WSJ.

The Galaxy S II is going to be announced next Monday, maybe along with a few more devices. At any rate you bet we’ll be there to cover the event.. if the weather doesn’t stop us.

S-II Stories July 28, 2011

Wow, isn’t she pretty? A picture of the white Galaxy S II has leaked, and it’s looking pretty legit to us. A UK retailer announced yesterday that the white version will be available August 15th, after seeing much success of the Galaxy S II we currently know and love. Live in the U.S. and interested in the Galaxy S II? Go sign up on Samsung’s official page, and pray to the smartphone gods that the white will land on U.S. shores.

via Engadget

S-II Stories July 20, 2011

The Galaxy S II has seen much success in Europe, and we’ve seen leaks pointing to its arrival in the great states. During a South Korean media event yesterday, Samsung’s chief of mobile business division confirmed our suspicion, saying the phone will land in August. Will we see the European version or the ‘Samsung Within’?

via Yonhap News

S-II Stories June 15, 2011


Excellent commercial but not enough Galaxy S2.

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