Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Stories November 2, 2018

Despite Chrome OS being an ideal platform for on-the-go usage, Chromebooks with LTE built-in are a rarity nowadays. However, Samsung has just announced a new Chromebook Plus V2 LTE, a cellular-equipped version of the company’s recently refreshed Chrome OS 2-in-1.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Stories July 24, 2018

One of the biggest names in Chrome OS is Samsung, and that’s thanks largely in part to the Chromebook Plus the company launched in 2017. In the year since, Samsung has had a chance to learn from some of the problems with that machine, as well as watch Google continue to improve and evolve Chrome OS. Now, we’ve got the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2. Is it an improvement over the original? Is it worth your hard-earned dollar? Let’s take a closer look.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Stories June 20, 2018

Last year Samsung impressed me with its Chromebook portfolio, and that all started with the Chromebook Plus. While it has some flaws and I ended up preferring the Chromebook Pro in the long run anyway, it was still a fantastic device. Recently, Samsung launched the second generation of the Chromebook Plus, and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my first impressions.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Stories June 14, 2018

Last year saw a major shift of how we look at Chromebooks, and as 2018 zooms by, things are only evolving more and more. Today, Samsung is introducing an updated version of its hit Samsung Chromebook Plus with the new V2.

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