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What is Google Pixel Slate?

First of all, it seems clear that the Google Pixel Slate is primarily a tablet — the first Chrome OS tablet from Google in fact, and its first shot at a tablet since the Pixel C. It will pack a sleek, thin, modern style, likely come in a blue color as per leaks, and will optionally allow you to attach an external keyboard.

As you can see in the leaked renders below, the device has a USB-C port, a fingerprint sensor (and presumable power button) at the top-left edge when used in laptop mode, and an otherwise basic look that doesn’t exactly scream Google (although these are Brydge’s renders, likely based on Google-provided dimensions, so expect the real thing to look a bit better.

Google Pixel Slate – Features

On the software side of things, the Google Pixel Slate will be running Chrome OS with its recently-added Linux app support and mature-at-this-point Android app support as well. There’s also talk that it might be a candidate to dual-boot Windows 10 as well.

Another thing we know based on leaks is that Google is putting in work to make the camera experience with the Google Camera app for Android as good as possible on this Chrome OS device. Leaks suggest there’s an included Portrait mode, also known as the bokeh effect.

The big news for Chrome OS, though, is that the Google Pixel Slate is bringing fingerprint authentication for the first time.

Google Pixel Slate – Release Date

Google Pixel Slate is expected to launch on October 9th at the Made by Google 2018 event. Pre-orders will likely go live soon after, and the device will likely begin shipping before the end of October.

Google Pixel Slate – Specs

We won’t know the comprehensive specs until the device is announced, but some digging through the Chromium source by us and others have uncovered many details about the device’s supposed specs. We also got even more information about the device via leaked benchmark tests.

Based on this information, we can say confidently that there will be at least 4 models of the Google Pixel Slate. Each has a different processor on-board. There’s a low-end model with the Intel Celeron 3965Y running at 1.5GHz, one with an Intel Core m3-8100Y running at 3.4GHz, one with an Intel Core i5-8200Y running at 3.9GHz, and one with an Intel Core i7-8500Y running at 4.20GHz.

One model we saw in the benchmark had 8GB of RAM, while another had 16GB. Unfortunately, on the storage side of things, we’re left guessing. Nothing we’ve found in Chromium or in benchmarks have hinted at storage space options. We’ll learn more about this at the event.

One thing we know for sure is that the Pixel Slate will have 3000×2000 screen resolution. That’s a notable bump over the original Pixelbook’s 2400 x 1600 display. The Google Pixel Slate, being a tablet, brings two cameras. There’s the Sony IMX319on the back and the Sony IMX355 up front.

Google Pixel Slate – Where to buy

Google Pixel Slate will be available from the Google Store, and likely many retailers that we know sell its older brother, the Pixelbook. The Pixelbook is available at Google, Best Buy, Walmart, and other various online retailers.

Google Pixel Slate – Price

We don’t know what the pricing for the Google Pixel Slate will be, but we can guess that there will be various prices for the device’s various tiers. Given that the device is likely hoping to compete with the iPad Pro, and entry-level price in that realm wouldn’t be surprising.

But also, given the very intense specs seen in benchmarks, prices upwards of $1000 and up would also not be surprising for some models.

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Google Pixel Slate Stories April 9

At Cloud Next 2019, Google hosted a session focussed on “Google Hardware for Business.” After recapping the current Pixelbook and Pixel Slate lineup, the company laid out what’s coming next.

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Google Pixel Slate Stories March 25

Sometimes companies announce products that just don’t materialize. Given Apple’s AirPower has been in this product purgatory for well over a year, it’s been a hot topic on that side of the pond lately. It’s definitely not a great comparison (because most don’t really care about this one, frankly), but a similar situation is happening with a product that Google announced last fall. Two SKUs of the Google Pixel Slate tablet have been MIA for months…

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Google Pixel Slate Stories March 18

At the 2018 Made by Google Event, Google debuted the Google Pixel Slate with new-to-Chrome-OS fingerprint support. Before that device has even had the chance to launch, it seems two more upcoming Chromebooks are gaining the same fingerprint capability.

Update: New details have come to light about the two devices.

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Google Pixel Slate Stories February 18

Chrome OS 72 Stable has been available for almost two weeks now, bringing Android Pie to a few devices, but in the past few days, some users have noticed a serious slowdown issue. Thankfully, there’s a few ways to avoid it entirely.

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Google Pixel Slate Stories December 31, 2018

Chrome OS was originally a laptop platform, but slowly it’s being reworked for tablet form factors. However, as that goes on, there have been some hiccups. Most recently, many have noted the poor performance of tablet mode especially on Chrome OS products like the Pixel Slate, but it seems a fix for that lag is incoming.

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Google Pixel Slate Stories November 28, 2018

Google will add a ‘tablet-view’ option for Chromebooks and Pixel Slate in a future update

Chrome OS has been the replacement for Android when it comes to tablets from Google. However, the company is still refining how Chrome OS treats the tablet form factor. This week, with the launch of the Pixel Slate, Google has confirmed that Chrome will be able to pull a “tablet view” of a website in a future release.

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