VR180 Stories June 15, 2018

Google releases Mac, Linux app for converting VR180 into standardized editing format

Just before I/O 2018, Google and Lenovo launched the first VR180 point-and-shoot with the Mirage Camera, while more devices are coming soon. The new format aims to be more realistic than 360° footage and to boost adoption Google today released a VR180 Creator app for desktop editing.

VR180 Stories May 16, 2018

Google’s official I/O 2018 Highlights reel also demos VR180 video

The week before I/O, Google launched the first point-and-shoot camera to support its VR180 format that captures a more realistic sense of depth than traditional 360 video. Now, an official highlight reel for the 2018 developer conference shows off the new format’s advantages.

VR180 Stories May 3, 2018

Google releases VR180 companion app for line of point-and-shoot cameras

At CES 2018, Google announced the first cameras that use its VR180 format to capture high-resolution 3D photos and videos. With a point-and-shoot format, these devices are intended to be simple and easy to use. Today, a VR180 companion app was uploaded to the Play Store by Google.

VR180 Stories January 10, 2018

Google showcasing VR180 w/ contest to professionally capture your treasured memories

Last year, Google announced VR180 photos and videos to challenge existing 360 degree capture. With cameras announced at CES 2018, Google believes that its format is better at capturing immersive moments. To prove this, Google is hosting a contest where it will professional capture a “special memory” that you want preserved.

VR180 Stories January 9, 2018

Back in June, Google announced the VR180 format to capture high-resolution 3D photos and videos that are immersive and allow viewers to re-experience memories. To do this, Google and its partners built special, easy to use hardware that is now being announced at CES 2018.

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VR180 Stories June 22, 2017

To make virtual reality content easier to create, Google is launching a new video format called VR180. As the name suggests, certified devices will capture half of the usual 360-degree range, with a focus on what is right in front of the camera.

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