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Google Maps satellite imagery managed to snap an airliner flying south of London

Google Maps can pick up some interesting things between satellite and street view imagery, and we also know that Google does a bit of its own cleanup on it to provide the best and most clear views possible and to make sure things like the faces and other private information isn’t made available to the world.

It’s definitely not the first cool thing that someone has found in Earth imagery, but the latest gold nugget is a shot of what appears to be a British airliner in mid-flight…


Among other issues that have popped up on the phone, OnePlus faced a serious problem with the OnePlus 5 earlier this month. Users were reporting that the phone was rebooting when calling 911 (or other emergency numbers), and OnePlus was thankfully able to fix it. Today, the company has come out with an explanation on what was going on.

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