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Snapseed is a powerful photo editor that Google acquired in 2012 and later made free. This week, the app began rolling out its first update since March and introduces a redesign that adds a bottom bar and makes it faster to access the various tools in the app.

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There’s a good reason you might not have heard of the “Frank.” phone. Basically, the project was a group of a few guys who tried — and seemingly failed — to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a smartphone on a simple idea: buy phones in bulk from China, act like they designed them, slap their brand on them, and profit. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the business plan, but it appears the way that “Frank.” was marketing itself was just a bit too sketchy for Indiegogo…

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We’re a little less than a month away from Huawei’s announcement event for the Mate 10, and as expected, we’ve seen a trickle of leaks and reports come in ahead of it. Early this morning, the first real-world photo of the Mate 10 popped up to show us our clearest look yet at the upcoming handset.

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