LineageOS Stories September 9

LineageOS 17.1 now available for OnePlus 7T Pro

For those with the OnePlus 7T Pro, we have good news, you can enjoy LineageOS 17.1 as support is now officially available for the 2019 flagship.

LineageOS Stories September 2

[Update: Pixel 3a & 4 live] LineageOS 17.1 coming soon for Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 series

Following this year’s release of Android 11, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be approaching their end of life. To help fans of the phone squeeze a few more years of life out of their device, the team behind LineageOS is adding support for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series not far behind.

Update: The Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series are now supported, too.

LineageOS Stories August 12

LineageOS 17.1 is now available for the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Earlier this year, the folks at LineageOS, one of the most popular third-party Android ROMs, launched version 17.1, upgrading to Android 10 and supporting a variety of new devices. Now LineageOS 17.1 is becoming available for the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

LineageOS Stories August 6

[Update: ROG Phone 2] LineageOS 17.1 adds support for the original Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and Nexus 6

After recently seeing LineageOS 17.1 officially get announced, those with the original Google Pixel or the Nexus 6 can now get their fix of the third-party ROM based upon Android 10.

LineageOS Stories April 2

After hints were found that we might see the first builds of LineageOS 17.1 based upon Android 10, the team behind the project have confirmed that it is now officially available.

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LineageOS Stories April 1

[Update: More devices added] The first official Android 10 builds of LineageOS could launch very soon

An incredibly popular third-party ROM, LineageOS is undoubtedly the go-to for many Android fans that are happy to tinker with their devices. While Android 10 has been available for a while, LineageOS — as a community project — has been a little slow to be made available.

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