October 16

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Here’s a list of every song the Google Pixel 2’s ‘Now Playing’ feature can recognize [Google: Much more than 17K]

One of the Google Pixel 2’s best new features is its ambient music recognition technology. What’s impressive is that the handset itself will be able to identify almost any song and without the need to communicate with any external servers. Thanks to a developer, we now have a list containing all 17,000+ songs the Pixel 2 is currently capable of recognizing…

Back in September, Google revamped its data and privacy Dashboard with a simpler, mobile-friendly design. Google is continuing that work today with a more personal Security Checkup feature. Additionally, there are new phishing protections in Chrome.

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One of Essential’s big bets with the Essential Phone and its upcoming products are modular accessories that work through a new wireless connector. A Silicon Valley company is now alleging (via Reuters) that the Andy Rubin startup stole trade secrets related to the connector without proper compensation.

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For quite a while now, Google has had a Chrome Cleanup Tool on Windows that scans and removes software that might affect or hijack the browsing experience. Today, the feature is being upgraded with a simpler UI and more powerful detection, while Chrome has improved handling with nefarious extensions.

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