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September 2012 - March 2018

Google Play Books was originally conceived as Google eBooks in December 2010. In addition to being an eBook stor, Play Store allows users to upload documents in a variety of formats and have them synced between devices. Like Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iBook store, authors can self-publish and sell their works.

There is an official app for Android and iOS, as well as a rudimentary web interface. The apps have a number of features like highlighting, notes, and a night mode that adjusts to the time of day.

Google Play Books Stories March 29, 2018

In January, Google added audiobook support to Play Books, while the Play Store gained a new section for the long-form audio format. After integrating with Assistant Routines earlier this month, Google is updating Play Books with “Smart Resume,” Bookmarks, and greater speed controls, as well as expanding Family Library to more countries.

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Google Play Books Stories February 3, 2018

Some Google Home owners can redeem a free audiobook in Play Books

Last week, Play Books added audiobooks with a new store, as well as integration with Google Cast and Assistant. To advertise the latter’s capabilities, some Google Home users can now redeem a complimentary audiobook of their choice.

Google Play Books Stories January 23, 2018

Over the weekend, Google Play inadvertently teased the launch of an audiobook store and listening feature. Today, that functionality is officially launching as part of Play Books and includes integration with Google Assistant.

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Google Play Books Stories December 28, 2016

Google “temporarily” stopped allowing new publishers to sign up for its Google Play Books Partner Center more than a year ago, largely due to rampant piracy on the service. Now, a year and a half later (it was originally shuttered in May of 2015), the Partner Center still hasn’t opened back up…

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Google Play Books Stories September 19, 2016

Google has today launched a nifty new feature in Google Play Books called Discover. As you might expect, it helps you discover new books that you might want to read…

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Google Play Books Stories July 21, 2016

The Play Books app has a special affinity for comic books with a number of features meant to improve the reading experience on mobile devices. Announced as part of Comic-Con, Bubble Zoom uses machine learning to magnify text bubbles in digital comics. Users can test this out now on select Marvel and DC volumes.

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