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November 3

Google Calendar removing ‘Goals’ from Android and iOS [U]

Back in April of 2016, Google updated Calendar for Android and iOS with a tool to help you find time for personal goals. Amid another upcoming removal, Google Calendar is planning to get rid of “Goals.”

August 8

Stadia launches ‘Party Stream’ to quickly share gameplay with friends

Google Stadia is expanding its live streaming features with “Party Stream,” an easy way to show your screen to friends, plus improvements to its YouTube streams.

August 5

Google TV preparing to add its own free live TV, here’s the channel list

After first being reported nearly a year ago, Google TV is now making tangible progress toward launching 50 channels worth of free, ad-supported streaming content, and we have your first look at the channel list.

August 4

Google Meet will soon let you play Spotify, YouTube, UNO, more on Android

The latest update to Google Meet paves the way to do more than just get work done in video meetings, with support for YouTube, Spotify, UNO, and more.

August 6

This week’s top stories: Google ‘Wireless Device’ hits FCC, Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaks on Amazon, more

In this week’s top stories: an unknown ‘Wireless Device’ from Google appears at FCC, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 details leak via Amazon, Pixel series August update gets delayed, and more.

July 30

YouTube Music now shows ‘Other performances’ of your current song

One of YouTube Music’s best features is access to the YouTube library of fan covers, live performances recorded by concertgoers, and more. YouTube Music is now surfacing these “Other performances” right from Now Playing.

July 29

No, Stadia isn’t shutting down by the end of summer

A rumor has been circulating this week suggesting Google plans to shut down Stadia by the end of summer, but there’s no reason to really believe that’s the case.

July 26

YouTube Music starts rolling out redesigned playlist UI to Android phones

Back in June, YouTube Music rolled out a playlist and album view redesign to tablets, and the former is now starting to appear on Android phones.

July 20

YouTube Music for Android is working on a sleep timer [APK Insight]

A sleep timer to pause playback after a specified increment is in the works for YouTube Music. This has been a long requested feature, especially since Google Play Music offered one ages ago.

July 22

Pixel’s At A Glance will soon support Ring doorbell notifications

Google is preparing to expand Pixel’s support for showing At A Glance notifications from smart doorbells to also include alerts from Ring products.

YouTube Music tests ‘Dynamic queue’ that changes as you listen

After rolling out support for Android 13’s redesigned media controls, YouTube Music this week is also testing a “Dynamic queue.”

July 12

Stadia 4.22 preps reactions for Explore tab, ‘too many players’ warning, more

The latest update to Stadia’s Android app, version 4.22, includes preparations for reactions on the Explore tab, a warning about “too many players,” and more.

July 9

This week’s top stories: Play Store Material You on tablets, At a Glance ridesharing, One UI 5 hands-on

In this week’s top stories: Material You redesign begins appearing in the Play Store on tablets & Chromebooks, Pixel’s At a Glance preps ridesharing ETAs, we go hands-on with Samsung’s Android 13 based One UI 5, and more.

July 6

The curious case of a would-be ‘Chromecast Audio’ successor

Google appears to be working on a new device that — at the very least — has the functionality of the classic “Chromecast Audio,” which helped make normal speakers “smarter.”

July 3

This week’s top stories: Google Camera 8.5, Material You for Gmail, Nvidia Shield update, more

In this week’s top stories: Google Camera updates to version 8.5 with new Pixel tidbits, Gmail for web gets Material You redesign, Nvidia Shield TV devices get an update, and more.

June 28

Pixel’s car crash detection and more may be coming to more Android phones

Google seems to be preparing for car crash detection and other Pixel-exclusive Personal Safety features available on other Android phones.

June 25

This week’s top stories: New Google Home Feed, Pixel 6a hands-on, Galaxy Z Fold 4 crease

In this week’s top stories: Google Home app gets new Feed, early Pixel 6a hands-on video appears online, preview of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 display crease leaks, and more.

May 4

Google News is readying a Material You redesign [Gallery]

Following the trend set by many other Google apps, Google News is the next product set to gain a Material You redesign on Android, and we have your first look.

April 29

Pixel Launcher preps search shortcuts for Maps, Play Store, and YouTube

With Android 12, the Pixel Launcher introduced a new on-device search experience at the top of the app launcher. While it’s temporarily gone from Android 13 Beta 1, the Pixel Launcher is working on search shortcuts beyond the Google app.

April 12

‘Look and Talk’ will let you gaze at your Nest Hub Max to activate Assistant, here’s how it works

In October of 2020, one Nest Hub Max user managed to get an early look at “Blue Steel.” This capability lets you just gaze at your compatible Smart Display to trigger Google Assistant, and a launch under the name “Look and Talk” might be coming soon.

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