Our invites came in and we’re up and running.  Here’s the initial reactions:

The first annoying thing is that Google hasn’t allowed Apps for Domains in yet.  They are “working on it”.  If you are like me and have your life in a Google Domain account this is a major pain.  I’m going to have to reconnect to everyone and they are going to have to put me in their circles all over again.  Bad start.

Once signed in, the interface is very “Facebook feeling” Google has found a lot of people who know me or are in my contacts so adding them to circles is easy.  Unfortunately my gmail.com account has a lot of people from school (when I used it last) and not a lot of the people I deal with on a day to day basis.

Friends seem to be coming in from way back in history – very Facebook like.

It will be interesting to see how Google keeps people coming in and more importantly coming back.

Because I can’t stay logged into this and my normal Apps Google account at the same time, it won’t get used very much.  I imagine there are a lot of power users in this exact same boat.  I wonder what Google’s plan for this is.  I’m hoping there is going to be a merge button at some point in the future.

Overall, I have to say that the product feels very good…like if all of my Facebook Friends came in, I’d probably leave Facebook immediately.  But how do I use both at the same time?

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14 Responses to “Notes on Google+ (after a few hours of use)”

  1. Brian says:

    Thank you for starting your review with the mention of the frustrations faced by Google Apps users! How can Google not have this fixed? Ugh.

  2. handyande says:

    Invites? yummy!

  3. dharan says:

    i really would love to get an invite.

  4. Peter says:

    Yeah, do you have invitations left Seth?

  5. I think the big GApps problem is, that they can't manage to integrate a Google profile into it. So there is no Buzz, no places and… no Google+. All of my Google apps accounts, especially our corporate one (ironically a social media marketing agency), are locked out of Googles social fun. -1
    PS. Invites are highly appreciated ;-)

  6. Jigar says:

    Can wait to get on it! Are you willing to share an invite!! :)

  7. Bernard van Driel says:

    I also would like to have an invitation………………please

  8. Daniel says:

    This sounds amazing! I'll change my name for an invite.

  9. menj says:

    anyone willing to give an invitation? :) TY

  10. Sagar says:

    Interesting to know. Can't wait to try this out. Do you have the authority to invite people?

  11. William says:

    An invite would be great!
    are you able to invite others?

  12. Taylor says:

    I like how its on Safari