Following a launch on AT&T last week, Verizon confirmed today that it will be launching Motorola’s new flagship Moto X smartphone starting August 29. Leaks leading up to the launch of the device pointed to an August 29th release date for the Verizon version of the device through Best Buy, but Verizon only mentioned online availability in its announcement today. It did note that the Moto X will become available in stores in the coming weeks.

The 16GB model will sell for the same $199 on contract as AT&T (the 32GB is exclusive to AT&T), but Verizon will only offer white and black versions. The customization options available through the Moto Maker tool are currently still available exclusively to AT&T customers.

Moto X is expected to launch on all major US carriers by early September.

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One Response to “Verizon’s Moto X arrives on August 29th for $199 on contract”

  1. Figures. Verizon business model absolutely Blows. They REALLY screwed up the Galaxy Nexus rollout with Google. For example: No Google Wallet, Extreme delays on updates to Nexus phones and now we see they limit the colors with the new Moto X and can’t even get a 32gb model? Verizon, when are you going to realize your just a commodity and bring nothing to the game. I can’t WAIT till ATT’s network passes them up, I am going to drop them so fast