Update: Two more shots after the break.

The images above might be our first look at redesigned stock apps in Google’s upcoming Android 4.4 “KitKat” update. We’ve been reporting on a lot of Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 leaks since we first discovered an unannounced Nexus device in Google’s promotional video for the upcoming OS update. While images of the Nexus 5 have leaked several times– we posted exclusive photos and video of the device earlier this week— we have yet to get a good look at Android 4.4 KitKat. Today another reader reached out with the photos above claiming to show redesigns of the phone dialer and messaging apps on KitKat.

The images show new lighter color, grey icons on the status bar, which lines up with our leaked video of the Nexus 5 and a screenshot for a Google Keyboard update spotted by AndroidPolice yesterday.

The images also appear to show a colored status bar that changes depending on the color scheme of the app.

We can’t see any new functionality, but the shots do show extremely streamlined redesigns for the phone app and messaging app on Android 4.4. Controls in the messaging app get bumped up to the top right hand corner, and the phone dialer gets a much cleaner, and flatter look with a new light blue color scheme.

Recent rumors point to an October release date for the Nexus 5, and if history is any indication,Google will also debut Android 4.4 alongside the new Nexus device. We also expect to see an updated Nexus 10 release from either Samsung or Asus which will likely run the new OS.

Two more alleged KitKat shots from the same source below:

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48 Responses to “New leaked shots show redesigned Android 4.4 KitKat phone & messaging apps?”

  1. So Apple iOS 7 set a new trend again, so TRANSPARENCY is once again IN? or PIRACY lol. SO CLOSE to iOS 7! WTH ANDROID?

    • Tom Styles says:

      do you know how long an OS iteration is in production for before it gets released? Its not like they started production on the OS two months ago. It’s more likely that apple “borrowed” heavily from the Android OS and rushed it out the door, just to be the “first”, despite all the bugs that are affecting millions of people.. oh wait, that’s what did happen. iOS7 is still a beta OS to older devices and should not have been released so soon.

  2. I would say it is looked very darn close to iOS7 in gfx visual and color theme. So the Google folks did not want Steve Job’s claim of Android copying iOS to be untrue!?

  3. dialer theme is available in Google Play

  4. Epic Tea says:

    it really doesn’t matter what they change Visual wise, any true android user realizes you can change the System UI or overall OS to your liking.

  5. The upside to the icon design becoming flatter is that it should simplify porting icons between Android and iOS. Hopefully this means that app developers will have fewer reasons to use the iOS icon in their Android app.

  6. Dev Gold says:

    I wonder if there will be an update with this on the htc rezound….I hope so, because it’s sadly on ice cream sandwich.

  7. mlkidwell says:

    Look closely at each of the images. The notification bar and the navigation bar are transparent. If these images are to be believed, this is how they will achieve the changing of the colors. That’s why it appears to be a darker blue in the dialer. And the green is a static color.

  8. Could that new Messages app be the “holy grail” Google is cooking up to integrate SMS/MMS/Google Voice/Hangouts/GChat/etc.???

  9. x425m says:

    Why mobile phone os like to use WHITE color for back ground? Is there any reason or benefit for using WHITE as background?

    I am not a tech person, but I notice using WHITE tents to use more power because it’s brighter, and it strains the eyes more at night time.

    For sure AMOLED screen will use less power when not using WHITE background, so why mobile phone os does not consider this as a power consumption factor?

    • abqnm says:

      What about non-amoled screens? They benefit from white backgrounds. White is cleaner and consistent across platforms. I do wish they would add a night mode or the ability to toggle to dark backgrounds.

    • LCD Screens actually use the least power on white, and use power to rotate the crystals to a position that blocks light to display black.

      It is also the de-facto for computer screen backgrounds, and the fact that paper reading is typically black on white must also play into it. I’m not saying those are good reasons to keep it that way, but I’m sure they’re related.

  10. Muhammad Ali says:

    Awesome looking for more leaked images

  11. Shi Qiu says:

    Androidpolice.com debunked those screenshots as fakes, and their arguments seem pretty reasonalbe for me.

    Those screens look like a theme with ParanoidAndroid Custom ROM, including the bug where the clock time remains white even though the battery and signal icon changed colours.
    So basically it looks all the same as before, with some tweaks to the general colour scheme towards the colours Google has on all their other services since beginning of the year.

    But suddenly they are copying the looks of iOS7 which was released recently?
    Quite ironic considering it’s 9to5google and not 9to5mac.

  12. I was about to dismiss these photos as screenshots of a phone discreetly running a themed Paranoid Android until I saw the classic settings menu shot. Still, there’s that niggling feeling about this being fake. I’m holding out judgement for an official announcement. Still, if this ends up being legitimate, I’ll be happy because that minimalism looks sick.

  13. All these apple fanboys commenting on how it looks like iOS7 yet iOS7 looks alot like Android 4.0. Coincidence? I think not.

  14. Android KItKat like iOS7 or iOS7 look like Android??

  15. Jack Clarke says:

    Looks nearly identical to 4.3 except the dialler…

  16. erez revivo says:

    why the kernel is 3.4 ,It should be 3.8 . I think this is fake 4.4

  17. Olaf Kroezen says:

    Wow, looks as clean as iOS7… coincidence? YUK, I hate Android!, and from now on Kit Kat as well

  18. These visual changes in Android KitKat are obviously well-inspired by the new iOS 7 User Interface. I would think people wanting an iOS GUI would buy an iPhone. Can’t KitKat have it’s own personality, i.e. not Apple-inspired?

  19. Tim Owens says:

    Looks like the navigation bar also changes color with the app. The navigation bar looks gray when the messaging app is loaded, but black with the phone app.

  20. looks nicer and cleaner.

  21. abqnm says:

    I say yes it looks legit. I knew that the new holo grey status icons would lead to either a transparent or contextually aware status bar. If they drop the colored icons, that means you get background colors.

  22. J Schippnick says:

    Mr. Jingle making his way into Android?!? YES!

  23. I was hoping messaging was going to be integrated with hangouts and google voice. It doesn’t seem like it here.

    • same here. it would be awesome. i was hoping that it might give preferences for messaging. say first it will message with hangouts if not delivered instantly it would try whatsapp if not online then it would go with traditional sms way (prioritizing which app goes first would be an option)

  24. The coloured status bar is a feature in ParanoidAndroid, although you have to manually set the colour for the apps.