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Earlier today, Google announced its upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat software update. In tandem with the announcement, Google posted a video that showcases the unveiling of the KitKat statue at the company’s headquarters.

At about 38-39 seconds into the video (embedded below), a Google employee is seen taking photos or video recording the statue with an unknown Nexus device (on the left).

Close-up shot

Close-up shot, click for larger

The backplate seems similar to that found on the new Nexus 7, and the camera lens appears to be larger than the current-generation Nexus 4. Speaking of the camera, Google executive Vic Gundotra previously hinted at major advances in the Android camera department:

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 7.10.39 PM

The unannounced phone also appears larger in size, so perhaps the new device will sport a bigger screen.

The next Nexus phone is rumored to debut in Q4. The video below has been pulled since this report was published, perhaps indicating that this was a true leak.

Here’s a copy of the video:

And here’s the new phone blown up:


Thanks, Michael!

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9 Responses to “Google apparently slips unannounced Nexus phone in its KitKat video”

  1. That screen is over 6″ diagonal, maybe 6.3″ like the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

    The LG G2 has all the right internals for a Nexus phone. It would be the only way for Google to quickly put something out that would not be embarrassing like the Nexus 4. Do it, Google! Make Christmas!

  2. “Whoa look at how many leaks apple has lately… hmm…”

  3. thealphamalefinancier says:

    You can just about make out the manufacturer’s logo (LG) if you rotate the photo in the right direction. Didn’t they previously deny they were working on a new Nexus phone?

    • Sure did.

      Back in May, LG flatly denied they had anything to do a ‘Nexus 5′, which only served to arouse suspicion that maybe the name was wrong even if the presumptive details were correct.:

      But LG weren’t done distancing themselves from Google. A few weeks ago, they went out of their way squelch rumors that we’d see their G2 model released in Google Play Edition-form.:


    • chazzmatt says:

      No, they never flatly denied it. In Asia Corporate speak, they refused to confirm or deny.