We first brought you the story of a 30-year-old man finding his lost mother and family using Google Earth earlier this year, and Google has posted an emotional video on YouTube of Saroo Brierley telling his story of technology leading to his reunion.

Brierly was disconnected from his family at the age of five in a turn of tragedy, and decades later saw Google Earth as an avenue to search the streets he recollected in fragments for answers of his origin. Check out the compelling video below:

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4 Responses to “Google ad tells emotional story of lost Indian boy who found his family 25 years later”

  1. Couple of things:

    The other ad where the guy finds his old childhood friend is much much more believable.

    This is not believable because of a couple of things. Go to Google maps and search for Kolkata. I have done that (Thats where I am from). The map is miserable. Pixels…and you cant really identify anything. Not only that…the map quality is old and party extremely bad.

    Here the highest zoom on the biggest train staition in Calcutta:

    What I dont understand is. So many countries with updated maps und street view and everything…Why India? where the quality of map is soo extremely bad.

  2. wadhwagaurav says:

    He would have been looking in a wrong country if he was using Apple Maps. Thanks to Google he was able to find his family. Go Google.