The results from our Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s photo quality survey are in.  The winner is probably not a surprise (the iPhone 5s) but the margin may have been a bit of a surprise after so many people rated the Nexus 5 camera so poorly (and Google subsequently offered promises of fixes).

At the time we turned on the answers, the iPhone won about 55% of the votes overall from over 200,000 votes placed.

Nexus 5 − 89724  (45%)

iPhone 5S – 110828 (55%)

After testing the Nexus 5 camera for a few days, it is pretty clear that it isn’t the best shooter out there, and even the best Android shooter.  But it also isn’t that bad. In fact, I think it might be a bit better than other high profile phones like the MotoX.  The weaknesses in the survey and in my own testing is in speed (it is slow, especially in low light), Low light images in general weren’t great and paradoxically over-exposure outside in well lit situations (though people in the survey seemed to appreciate that bias) seemed to happen frequently with the Nexus 5.

The bottom line however is that the Nexus 5 camera isn’t the best but it really isn’t that bad – especially for a $350 phone.   Full results before we turned on the labels below:

Total Opinions – 200,552

Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
89,724 110,828
45% 55%

Photo 1
Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
6,171 11,437
35% 65%
Photo 2
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
4825 12708
27% 73%
Photo 3
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
5837 11847
33% 67%
Photo 4
Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
7894 10230
44% 56%
Photo 5
Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
6731 11790
36% 64%
Photo 6
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
12428 5593
69% 31%
Photo 7
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
3249 14269
19% 81%
Photo 8
Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
4787 13175
27% 73%
Photo 9
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
17596 890
95% 5%
Photo 10
Nexus 5 iPhone 5S
6744 13330
34% 66%
Photo 11
iPhone 5S Nexus 5
6931 12090
36% 64%

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6 Responses to “Results on Nexus 5 camera poll: Perhaps not as bad as (over 20,000) people thought”

  1. Tom Slom says:

    Can you guys update this?

    Because apparently the updated camera of the nexus 5 is much much better so I wonder how it compares now.

  2. stringacademy says:

    Why wasn’t this test done “blindly” without labeling the photos? This seems prone to bias, unscientific.

  3. peskeguy says:

    Nice results! I personally selected the iPhone photo for 9 out of the 11. The first photo I selected the Nexus for, Photo 8, I considered a tossup.
    The second was photo 11. Are we sure of the identities of the cameras for that comparison? One of the things that stuck out to me about the Nexus camera across the other shots was a bluish tint and general decreased color saturation compared to the iPhone shot (plus fuzziness on a few of the shots). The right photo definitely looks more like the other iPhone photos to me than the other Nexus photos. But I do think it is better, so perhaps the Nexus handles the outdoor lighting of that shot well.