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Some of us never thought this day would come as Motorola quietly updates Moto Maker to include Bamboo backplates for the Moto X. We know at least four versions of the backplate are planned according to a leaked shot courtesy of @evleaks in early November.

Motorola had hinted at this moment on Sunday with a brief tweet asking followers to “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.” Well, Moto you certainly earned our trust albeit a little late in Moto X launch game but that’s ok, good things come to those who wait.

There’s no word on when Moto might release the three other wood styles but for now, you can order your Moto X with Bamboo for an extra $100 with “delayed shipping.” That’s the price you pay for something unique, right?

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One Response to “Motorola’s Moto X finally receives wood backplate through Moto Maker”

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but I actually like the wood back.