As Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt makes his own predictions for 2014, I’m turning the subject over to you…the 9to5Google reader. There’s absolutely no shortage of topics to cover or “what ifs” for Google in 2014. Given the various branch directions that Android, Chrome OS and the company itself can go, it’s a loaded question. With recent reports indicating Chrome OS is on the rise, could we see Microsoft running scared in 2014 against the impending threat of low-cost hardware with an operating system that costs manufacturers absolutely nothing?

As a Google site, we cover a wide scope of Google related subjects including those mentioned above but also more narrow scopes like Google Maps, Gmail, Glass and so many others. We know that a second-generation Glass is on the way, but what do we want to see from it? What do we hope it will be? Is it possible we’ll see a dramatic decrease in that $1500 price tag as the second-generation unit comes to market? Perhaps I’m dreaming, but I’d love to think with the introduction of new hardware we might see a price drop as Google no longer looks to limit Glass to a subset of “high-end” users with $1500 to burn.

There’s so much we can cover and ask about Google in 2014 and where they can go, what they can do and how they can help make it happen. Personally, I’d love to see a redesign of Gmail, I know I know it’s probably low on the list of priorities but all that white space kills me. Considering I live in Google Apps and Gmail all day long, I’d love to see a look more like *ducks* As for another 2014 wish, I’d love to see Google Now become everything I need to run my smartphone. Better said, in a more general sense I’d love to see everything that is great about Siri become a part of Google Now. In my eyes, Siri is more personal and communicative in a human way whereas Google Now is more informational and they are both great. However, I wouldn’t object to having Siri’s human touch become a part of Google Now. Apple pushes Siri as a personal assistant and I’d love to see Google do the same with Google Now and I hope/wish we see something like that occur in the next 365 days.

So, as 2013 comes to close and as we’ve heard from Google’s Chairman about his own predictions, the table/floor/soapbox is yours, what do you want to see from Google in 2014?

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16 Responses to “9to5Google readers, what do you want to see from Google in 2014?”

  1. tmart234 says:

    google drive plugins/addons to run special files in the cloud like .cpp files

  2. Someone commented on my Google+ share of this and it got me thinking. How about Google providing more VPN options and along with that a Cloud Chrome OS instance. This could provide an increase in security and provide a solution for the security concerns brought about by NSA revelations of their dragnet tactic of user data. I also would like, and would pay, for my own server instance.

    As a hobby web dev it would be great to have a cloud way to test apps. I know google app engine is available, but was thinking more consumer level and even educational. I think making it very easy to provide a platform for students to learn and build is critical.

    and to repeat (again).. i would love a Google born development environment on Chrome for Android and Dart. I’m really digging Chrome OS but still have to keep a traditional machine around still for a few things.. maybe they could include access to other OS instances than just Chrome from above wish..

  3. 1. Nexus TV
    2. A more refined Chrome OS that can run things like Photoshop and other mainstream apps
    3. Hangouts SMS sync with desktop
    4. Chrome app for Google Docs and Play Music
    5. Improved Google Now

    • interesting. i like the SMS from desktop.. this sharp distinction from phone and computer seems just stupid.. i would also like an audio upgrade to google now.. if i have bluetooth headset active on my phone.. kick it over from visual to audio/voice.. google now still isn’t completely hands free and could use a major upgrade for proofing and editing messages.. there is always 3 words it never gets correct..

  4. Jornie Rinia says:

    1. Get google products global much faster!(still no devices and movies on Play store and no google offers etc. in the Netherlands). I and many with me really don’t mind the english settings etc.

    2. Chromecast 2

    3. Intergate some standard for Domotica (lights, media, thermostat etc.) in Android. (See Phillips hue)

    4. support nexus devices longer than 2 years with updates.

    5. Tesla Nexus edition ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I would be made very happy if Google gave me a gcutil like client on my chromebook. (AKA, Let me SSH into my GCE instances from my chrome book in a secure manner similar to my desktop)

  6. 1. Either integration of Google Voice into Hangouts or at least an upgrade for both desktop & Android versions of Voice. I love GV & desperately want Google to treat it like a full member of its suite of applications.

    2. More GPE versions of popular phones & tablets. I love my S4 GPE, and it pays for itself when combined w/T-Mobile prepaid. So…

    3. Perhaps somehow Google can find a way to raise awareness of the value of buying phones at full price & finding the best value in cell service. There’s not much sense in selling phones at full price to just tech-aware folks. The average consumer should be aware of the money-saving options available to them (no, I’m not exactly sure how this might be accomplished.)

  7. j0hnk1rk says:

    Some her nice suggestions already and I would like to see some of those same ideas. Also, I’d like to see corporate profiles with two party security, like a lock box, on devices so enterprise will adopt more open byod policies. This will have the affect of inspiring a higher caliber of application development for enterprise usage. I’d like to see address to map and vice versa for contacts become stronger. Search for an address and prompt to add all info to contacts with all data filled on the form. I’d like fiber to my house. This one is purely selfish since I pay almost $140/Mo for 800kbs down. I’d like to see an SDK for chromeapps or an in browser app designer that meets all functionality of an SDK. Maybe this exist and I’ve never found it. Thanks for the great blog fellas and thanks Google for the nexus line.

  8. 1. Android development on chromeboooks.
    2. Dart development on chromebooks.
    3. Google Now Watch
    4. Chrome OS Tablet
    5. Chromecast feature to use as wireless display (with wireless KB and mouse you can turn any tv into display.. need to get latency down… if this is done, then your multicore phone could become a lot more useful)

  9. 1. Lockable folders on Android
    2. Something anything with Google TV, I’ve got two of them, don’t screw me
    3. Google Music. I love it and use it a lot. But I’d like to more refinement. The ability to get rid of duplicates for instance. Also when I moved to my new computer I can only sync all of my music again or recognize the new stuff individually. It was set up with iTunes to seamlessly sync and was awesome. Now it sucks.

  10. DHIRAJ Ch says:

    I would like google to give siri as an update in every version of android..

  11. Android apps on Chromebooks, New Google Glass at $350, and a Nexus Smartwatch

  12. cattywampus1 says:

    1). Chrome Apps for Gmail, Google Docs, and Hangouts
    2). Google Keep vs. Google Tasks? – Let’s settle on one or the other please
    3). Greater functionality and more features in Keep