If you liked the look of the four new tablets Samsung announced at CES back in January, you don’t have long to wait until they go on sale – but for now, only the wifi models will be available, and the Tab Pro 12.2 won’t ship until next month, reports re/code.

You can preorder the Wi-Fi-enabled Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Tab Pro 10.1 or Tab Pro 8.4 now from various retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. But the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 isn’t expected to ship till March … 

Pricing ranges from $400 for the Tab Pro 8.4 to $850 for the 64GB version of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. All four models have the same hi-res 2560×1600 display, with the S Pen of the Note models the only difference from the Tab. LTE models are expected to follow later in the quarter.

Samsung has given the tablets a new Flipboard-style Magazine UX interface, giving the tablets a rather Windows-like look.

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One Response to “Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro tablets hitting the US from 13th Feb, but wifi-only for now”

  1. I think this device with LTE will be a force to be reckoned with in the business workspace market.