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It’s no surprise that Samsung’s IP67 certified Galaxy S5 can survive an extended stay underwater, but what about the LG G3? Well, on paper the G3 isn’t built to withstand any amount of water torture, but a surprising new video seems to prove otherwise…

A new video from Harris Craycraft (iTechWorld11), puts the LG G3 through a very long and gruesome water test. In the video embedded below, the G3 is underwater for approximately two hours and manages to survive every minute of it. Personally, I didn’t expect it to last two minutes, let alone two hours.

LG has never stated that the G3 has any water-resistant properties or certifications, but somehow it manages to survive. There are no rubber seals to protect the internal components, so as you may expect there was a bit of water on the inside of the back cover, but even that didn’t seem to affect the device. Check out the video below.

Harris noted that after the test he did remove the back cover and battery and place the device in a bowl of rice to soak up the excess water. Even with that in mind, it was clear that the G3 was in perfect working order when he removed it from the sink. Obviously, we don’t recommend trying anything like this at home. This could be a one-off situation, but either way the video was pretty impressive.

The LG G3 will be available on AT&T later this week, T-Mobile on July 16th, Verizon on July 17th, and Sprint on July 18th. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out more about it, check out our official hands-on video or our full review. If you’re looking for more LG, check out our G Watch coverage.

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One Response to “New video shows off the LG G3’s unofficial water-resistance”

  1. This is what I call a huge waste of water.