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According to a new report out of The Information, the already tense relationship between Samsung and Google has begun to worsen thanks to both of their own lines of wearables. The report claims that Google CEO Larry Page and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee took part in an a “tense” private meeting at the Allen & Co. conference last week in Sun Valley. The meeting reportedly centered around Page being frustrated that Samsung was investing more in its smartwatches running Tizen than the ones running Android Wear.

Samsung currently sells three smartwatches that run Tizen, including the Gear 2, Gear Neo, and Gear Fit. The company only offers one Android Wear-based smartwatch in the Gear Live. Google wants Samsung to focus its efforts more on Android Wear than Tizen because of the tight integration that Wear offers with the plethora of Android devices on the market.

Google also objected to how Samsung was planning to brand its early Gear watches because it was running a “very heavily modified version of Android.” Google wanted the company to wait until Android Wear was ready before launching a smartwatch.

Discussion during the meeting between Page and Lee also centered around their smartphone relationship, which remains “contentious,” according to the report. Google continues to pressure Samsung to stop developing apps that “mimic” its own built-in Android apps, especially ones that allow you to buy content. Samsung is also, of course, still developing Tizen for smartphones in an effort to reduce its reliance on Google and Android.

The report goes on to explain that while the relationship between the two companies may seem fine on the surface, there is still a lot of tension between the two, with Samsung referring to Google as a “bully” behind closed doors. Tension also still surrounds Android chief Sundar Pichai’s comments that Google was “willing to walk” away from Samsung at CES.

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8 Responses to “Google and Samsung’s relationship continues to worsen, this time over wearables”

  1. I understand Google’s problem with Samsung but at the end of the day they created Android, they created the platform that allows Samsung to modify it so heavily

  2. “Google continues to pressure Samsung to stop developing apps that “mimic” its own built-in Android apps, ” LOL! Yeah. Good luck with that.

  3. Why can’t just compliment each other for the better of of the apps? Why does Samsung ang Google have to insist their own apps and join it together? I think if they come to an agreement that can incorporate each other’s developement they will come the winner..Google and Smsung must join together to have much better ios than Apple instead of bickering at each other’s

  4. I have the feeling that if Samsung can screw Google, they will.

  5. Joe Belkin says:

    Well, Samsung realized they were going down the path of being led around by whatever google says – like WIN PC OEM sellers, it’s just a commodity … of course, For google, if they actually hope to make money on android directly, they have to get them all in line but that’s not happening either as samsung splits and Amazon and Xiaomi simply uses android like linux to create their own ecosystem.

  6. Google provides the android OS, and samsung does the manufacturing of the phones… If they split up then…


  7. Alex Raikos says:

    Well, Samsung does not play fucking nice over the last few years.