Sundar Pichai Stories November 8

Over the past two weeks, Google has been grappling with its poor handling of sexual misconduct cases, especially involving senior executives. Following last week’s Google Walkout, management promised changes and today CEO Sundar Pichai announced them in full.

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Sundar Pichai Stories November 2

Yesterday, Googlers around the world staged a walkout to protest several issues that were catalyzed by an expose into the company’s handling of sexual misconduct. According to organizers, over 20,000 employees participated, with Sundar Pichai and leadership planning to address the demands for structural change, transparency, and accountability.

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Sundar Pichai Stories October 30

Following last week’s publication of a report that tied several high-ranking current and former Google executives to incidents of sexual misconduct, the company’s employees have been organizing in protest. Sundar Pichai today voiced support for the upcoming “women’s walk,” while one Googler named by the New York Times has left.

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Sundar Pichai Stories October 25

Made by Google just announced its 2018 lineup and only just began sales of those products recently. While the new hardware is not yet reflected in the Q3 earnings that Google reported today, analysts asked about the progress in consumer hardware, with Sundar Pichai summarizing that “everything is progressing well.”

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Sundar Pichai Stories October 15

For the past several weeks, there has been an internal and external uproar about Project Dragonfly, Google’s rumored attempt to return to China with a censored search engine and other products. CEO Sundar Pichai this evening gave his first public comments on the matter, calling Dragonfly an exploration at what Google in China could look like after eight years.

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Sundar Pichai Stories September 13

A video of a Google all-hands meeting from right after the 2016 presidential election has leaked, unsurprisingly showing many Google leaders expressing their distaste toward the outcome…

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