Sundar Pichai Stories July 29, 2020

The House Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law today is hosting a hearing on “Online Platforms and Market Power.” In addition to the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, Sundar Pichai will be testifying about Google’s Search and advertising dominance, as well as antitrust concerns from Congress. Follow along as we highlight the most interesting questions and answers.

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Sundar Pichai Stories July 28, 2020

The chief executives of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook tomorrow will appear before Congress to answer questions about their market dominance. Sundar Pichai’s written statement was released this evening, and it provides a high-level overview of Google’s defense against antitrust allegations.

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Sundar Pichai Stories June 17, 2020

At the start of this month, Sundar Pichai said that Google wants to “develop initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions” that help the Black community. The CEO today detailed what Google will do internally and externally to achieve racial equity.

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Sundar Pichai Stories June 7, 2020

As school years come to an end, remote learning has given way to virtual graduation ceremonies. YouTube hosted a star-studded livestream today with the likes of President Obama, Billie Eilish, and Beyoncé. Sundar Pichai also took part with a commencement speech and shared his advice for the next generation.

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[Update: Watch now] YouTube hosts ‘virtual graduation’ with Obama, Pichai, & more

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many day-to-day and special activities have moved online. Graduation events are the latest, with YouTube hosting one next month that features many top commencement speakers.

Sundar Pichai Stories June 3, 2020

On Sunday, the Google and YouTube homepages featured messages in “support for racial equality in solidarity with the Black community.” CEO Sundar Pichai today addressed employees about ongoing and future efforts to help.

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