TL;DR: Pass.

This phone is exactly what you think it is: a throwback to last year when HTC made thick phones, while Verizon loaded phones with crapware (O.K., that’s still happening). I have to wonder what happened behind the scenes with the HTC-VZ relationship. Did HTC say to Verizon, “You want to do WHAT with our One phones? Errr, here—have this instead of the One.”

I mean, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T each released the next generation of thin, svelte One series smartphones with big, beautiful displays. They are critically acclaimed! The Incredible 4G’s 4-inch display would have been passable, if it had a body like the HTC One S, which I am still in love with. This phone is so thick (.46 inches) that you almost expect it to have a slide out keyboard (Droid 4 with a keyboard is only microns thicker).

This…this is like the Rezound Jr., which is not entirely bad…for a 2011 grenade phone.

I am probably being too harsh on the new Incredible 4G. For Android users who want a small-ish 4-inch qHD display, this is probably their best bet. However, I would have a hard time passing up the Galaxy Nexus for the same $149 retail price. Alternatively, HTC fans should head over to any other carrier to pick up an HTC One.

I know more than a few Incredible users who will upgrade to this phone. The Incredible does have an iPhone-ish small form factor that is desirable by some. The camera in my testing is very solid, the Android 4.0 software with Droido-Sense is speedy and stable, and Verizon’s LTE network is very fast. The reason this phone is so thick is that it has a huge 2100mA battery that lets the LTEs go all day. Plus, the battery is removable—and so is the MicroSD card just like HTCs of yore.

Still, we are not in love with this phone. Moreover, with other HTCs and Verizon devices out there, we have a hard time recommending Verizon’s Droid Incredible.

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