The Sony TV device spotted in an FCC filing last month was briefly unveiled by Sony in a blog post that has since been deleted. Engadget spotted the post for the Sony Bravia Smart Stick before it was pulled.

It’s an MHL dongle that runs both Google TV and Sony’s own BRAVIA apps. The features are just like Google TV boxes Sony has released before, with a remote (that the FCC filings showed is at least similar to the previous ones) that has QWERTY and voice search support. Additionally, its “picture-and-picture” feature lets users see a browser in one window and TV in another … 


Oddly, while the blog entry was pulled, the online user guide currently remains up. As it’s a proper Google TV device, it will run Android apps downloaded from the Play Store. Netflix, YouTub, Amazon Video, VUDU, Video Unlimited, Crackle, AOL On, Play Movies & TV, and Redbox Instant are all confirmed as working in the user guide, but Hulu Plus is not mentioned.

The device can only be connected to a 2013 Sony TV set.

The remote

The remote

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