According to a new patent application filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (via Galaxy Club), it looks like Samsung may be planning to take Google Glass head-on. While this isn’t the first time Samsung has filed a Glass-like patent, the application reveals what appears to be a cross between Google Glass and a Bluetooth headset. As odd as that may sound, there could be some practicality behind this idea.

As mentioned in the patent application, Samsung calls this device “Earphone,” but other rumors have suggested that this device could be called Gear Glass or Galaxy Glass. The patent doesn’t describe exactly what this device would be used for, but it looks like Google Glass may have some tough competition in the future.


Personally, I think this could be a better wearable solution than Google Glass. The main problem I have with Glass, is the ability to remove and store it when needed. In its current form, Google Glass is just too much headgear to deal with. Something with less of a facial footprint may be just the kind of device that consumers are looking to buy.

Like every other patent, there’s no indication that this device will ever make it to market, but I like the simplicity of the idea. Given Samsung’s production rate, it’s very possible for the company to release its own set of smart glasses before Google officially releases Glass to the public for more than 24 hours.

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