Snapchat received a massive update today that introduces video chats and instant messaging. As for those of you concerned about privacy, don’t worry, self-destructing messages aren’t going anywhere. Users can swipe to the right on a contact’s name in their inbox to start a regular chat. Whenever you leave a session, messages viewed by you and the other participant will be cleared, however both of you will have the option to screenshot anything you’d like to save.

As for the app’s new video chat setup, a pulsing blue icon alerts you when someone’s paying attention to your chat. Simply hold down the onscreen icon and it’ll start a one-way video stream. If the other party in the chat wishes to do so, they can do the same and make it a live two-way video convo à la Hangouts or Skype.

If you’re still unsure of how all of these new bells and whistles come together, check out the demo video below.

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