Klout, the service that puts a numerical value on the your social network presence, finally released an Android app today after entirely too long of a wait. Klout gives users the ability so share content that relates to them and their audience. Then, you can track your success by viewing your Klout Score. Klout analyzes your social history and offers suggestions as to what it thinks you should be posting about in order to raise your Klout Score.

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The app offers a handful of features, including the “Content Stream,” which is where you can find the aforementioned suggested content. The app also offers the ability to schedule content based on when your audience is most engaged.

  • Content Stream — Klout intelligently recommends articles that will strike a chord with your unique audience. Helpful tags identify great content that’s trending, hot off the press, or else a hidden gem that your audience hasn’t seen.
  • Scheduling — Automatically publish your content when your audience is most engaged online.
  • Topic Explorer — Enhance your personalized content stream by expanding your list of topics and interests.

Klout for Android is available on the Play Store now.

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