Google is preparing to take on commerce giant Amazon by incorporating a “buy now” button into its shopping search results, the Wall Street Journal reported today. The results currently rely on links to third-party retailers, but the Mountain View search company is apparently looking to integrate itself a little deeper into the checkout process.

Unlike Amazon, Google doesn’t plan to maintain its own warehouses, stock products, or handle any sales itself. Instead, it will create a system for consumers to buy products from third-parties using Google Shopping as an intermediary service.

Currently customers who checkout through third-party stores are more likely to search that store for additional products rather than going back to Google to find any other items they need. The new button, the Journal says, isn’t so much about getting people to buy things as it is about getting people to buy things while remaining on Google, ready to start searching for even more items.

Google is also reportedly planning a separate service that would allow it to advertise two-day shipping for products purchased through Google Shopping, reportedly for an annual fee.

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