Google gave some stage time today at the I/O conference to a few family-focused changes coming to the Google Play Store. Families can now find age appropriate digital content from apps to game to books to movies and TV shows by tapping a new “Family” button.

This will take you to a section for each media type that allows you to browse for content by age and interest. When you browse the Play Store after tapping the Family button, you’re presented with more than just a curated section of content as other elements of the digital store change as well. For instance, apps and games found in top charts, search, and recommendations all apply the family filter for you. Making browsing easier for kids, too, the Play Store is also introducing a new way to browse for apps, books, and more by sorting through popular characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Elmo and more.

Changes to the Play Store also include new tools for helping parents know which apps are appropriate for which groups. For example, an app description will now include a universal family star badge that offers an age rating for different apps while games are listed with standard ratings. These listings also clearly mark apps that include in-app purchases or use ads within the app.

Google says users should start seeing the changes as soon as today while everyone should see the new family-friendly features over the next several weeks.

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