Android 5.1 is available to download over-the-air on to the unlocked original Moto G LTE smartphone for the first time. Motorola started rolling out the update for the 1st gen Moto G over the past 24 hours or so. As with almost every modern Motorola device, the software is essentially stock Android.

Motorola states in the release notes that you can’t downgrade to a previous version after installing and that it contains a number of improvements and fixes. Along with some of the user interface changes in 5.1, the new software also includes a bunch of bug fixes including:

  • Clock in the status bar is not updating and alarms not going off
  • Unable to delete SMS messages when the SIM card is full
  • No ringer audio while making an outgoing call
  • Calculator floating point calculations
  • Chrome crashes when launched
  • Frequent restarts while watching Netflix
  • Wi-Fi not automatically reconnecting to home Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi not connecting after being idle all night
  • Wi-Fi connection issues with multiple routers in one location
  • Bluetooth discovery is not triggered when you refresh settings
  • CPU wakelocks that contribute to heavier battery drain
  • Connection and synchronisation issues with MS Exchange servers
  • Incorrect default APN
  • Cannot unlock the SIM with a PIN/PUK code
  • Cannot play ‘pinned’ content

If the update doesn’t show up for you right away, be sure to check your settings menu and search for updates manually. It appears that only unlocked Moto G LTE models in the U.S. are receiving the update right now. If you’re in another country, be sure to let us know when it lands for you.

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