Pushbullet can finally send picture messages (MMS) from your computer. The long awaited feature was just introduced in the first big update of the year along with increased SMS readability.

MMS from the Chrome Extension or Windows desktop app is as easy dragging an image on top of the chat window or tapping the paperclip icon to open your computer’s file manager. The photo sent via Pushbullet is done natively through MMS/SMS so the recipient would be none the wiser to your desktop texting. The feature requires a phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher to work.

Additionally, Pushbullet is working on improving the readability of texting. The app now has a new system in place that syncs outgoing text messages to your phone even if the device cannot send them immediately. Texts will be sent off as soon as the phone can do so, but otherwise they will remain queued up. Users will be able to see and cancel messages in queue, though they do expire if they cannot be sent within an hour.

This update is now live for the Windows app, Chrome extension, and on Android in version 17.6 of the app. Updates for the tablet app and Firefox extension are coming soon.

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