pushbullet Stories October 27, 2016

Pushbullet is an application that links your phone and computer together and gives you the power to not only respond to to text messages from your desktop but also send and receive links, files, and much more between all of your devices. Starting today, you will now be able to also respond to Google Allo messages right from your computer.

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pushbullet Stories January 13, 2016

Pushbullet service adds photo messaging (MMS) from PC, increased texting reliability

Pushbullet can finally send picture messages (MMS) from your computer. The long awaited feature was just introduced in the first big update of the year along with increased SMS readability.

pushbullet Stories December 9, 2015

Just when you thought Pushbullet couldn’t get more useful, the company has updated its popular cross-platform app to include remote file browsing. With the new update you’ll be able to access files on your phone from your computer, or vice-versa, even if you don’t have one of the devices with you. It’s a pretty great feature if you’re known to accidentally leave your phone at home, or leave a file on your work computer that you need at home…

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pushbullet Stories November 17, 2015

The Pushbullet you know and love isn’t going to be the same for much longer, at least for those that don’t want to throw $40 at the company for a year-long “Pro” subscription (or $5/month). Today, the company announced a “Pro” version of its app, which sadly doesn’t add any new features at all. Instead, Pushbullet is simply using emotional appeals and asking for users to start paying for features that were — until today — free.

What’s more, it looks like the original Pushbullet creator, a man by the name of Ryan Oldenburg, once promised that exactly this kind of thing would never happen happen… expand full story

pushbullet Stories November 3, 2015

Pushbullet, the popular multi-device notification and link-sharing tool has been updated today to take full advantage of Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s built-in improvements. The company announced that the new update uses Android 6.0‘s runtime permissions and Direct Share features to give you more fine-tuned control over which parts of your system it has access to, and give the option to share items more easily and quickly with compatible devices…

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pushbullet Stories August 11, 2015

The latest Pushbullet for Android update adds end-to-end encryption, more

The latest Pushbullet update adds a handful of new features, but perhaps the most interesting is end-to-end encryption. For the longest time, many Pushbullet users have been hesitant to rely on its file-sending abilities due to the fact that a lot of data was sent unencrypted. As of today, Pushbullet for Android supports end-to-end encryption for Notification Mirroring, Universal copy & paste, and SMS…

And while that’s the big feature that Pushbullet is pushing (heh) on its blog, today’s update also packs some other minor changes. With version 16.5.4 of the app, you get improved SMS that’s faster and uses less data, the ability to select and delete more than push at a time, a new “Clear history” button on the Settings page, and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Here’s the full changelog:


• End-to-end encryption support!
• More improvements to SMS, faster and uses less data
• You can now select and delete multiple pushes at once!
• “Clear history” button in Settings
• Crash and bug fixes
The app is available for free on the Google Play Store, and the update should be rolling out over the next 24 hours if it’s not already available to you. If you want to manually install the new version on your device, you can find it at APKMirror as usual.

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