Some users are reporting that links in Google+ for Android are opening as Chrome Custom Tabs. The feature introduced and released last year opens links twice as fast when compared to being pushed out to a browser. The update appears to be triggered server-side and was apart of last week’s update.

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Google+’s Custom Tab features a red toolbar, a share icon, and an overflow button to access other Chrome options. Opening links in a Custom Tab is much faster than waiting for Chrome to open and load, especially since Google+ briefly opens up a pop-up with a loading indicator before kicking you out to Chrome. Additionally, other Chrome features like being signed in to pages, saved passwords, and auto-fill continue to work.

Late last year, Twitter added Chrome Custom Tabs to their app and Google was testing them during the Android M previews to open up Google Now links. Some users in December reported Google testing the feature again. Custom Tabs requires version 45 or higher of Chrome for Android.