Facebook loves to A/B test new features and interfaces with a small and random subset of users before a full rollout. A few weeks ago the company began testing a Material Design refresh for Messenger. Some users are now seeing a new variant that sports a blue action and top bar.

The blue action and top bar is the same shade of blue as the Messenger icon and adds a much needed touch of color to the otherwise stark white app. The blue action bar is present in every screen of the app, including in a conversation. Everything else, including the FAB and refreshed icons, remains the same as the interface seen a few weeks ago.

Speaking to Facebook’s tendency to frequently test different version, some users are seeing a version without a FAB and that instead uses the current bottom toolbar. Only a small set of users are seeing these changes and some are reporting that the new UI disappeared after only a few hours.

Whatever version Facebook finally decides to rollout to users, will likely be triggered by a server side update in the future.

Screenshots via Reddit [1], [2], [3]

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