Google Home has a unique look, yet it’s just subtle enough to fit into almost any home. After shipping Google Home units to buyers and showing up in retail stores last week, Google has just made bases for Google Home available through the Google Store which allow just a bit more customization to the product…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

These bases are purely made for cosmetics and are made from either fabric or metal. They are easy to attach and detach as well since they’re connected via a magnet as we saw earlier in iFixit’s teardown of the device.

Aside from the included base, 6 options are available. In fabric, there are 3 colors variants ─ Mango, Marine, and Violet ─ two of which are pictured above. Fabric bases are priced at $20 a piece. These bases are made from a combination of nylon and polyester.

If you prefer the look of metal, those bases cost $40 a piece and are available in Carbon, Copper, and Snow. These bases are made from painted steel. Free shipping is available on all options. Of course, if you’ve yet to be sold on Google Home, you can check out our full review for more information.

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