Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin said (via Reuters) that the Korean company will not be showing off the latest version of its S line of flagship smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, breaking with a many years-long tradition. This is consistent with a recent report suggesting that the company made plans to host a dedicated event in New York City in April…

Rumors about the forthcoming flagship from Samsung have been picking up in recent months. We heard in December that the company was planning to drop physical keys, as well as bring thin bezels & 3D touch-like features, and that there’s also possibly going to be a new pair of wireless earbuds shown off alongside the Galaxy S8.

We’ve also heard that Samsung’s virtual assistant ‘Bixby’ will likely play a big part in the Galaxy S8, taking on the AI assistants from companies like Apple and Samsung. Recently, we also heard that Bixby might be able to use the camera for visual search, and that an updated S Health app launching with the phone will bring  video doctor appointments and WebMD/Amwell integration.

In one of the most recent rumors, we got our first look at glass panels that purportedly show off the Galaxy S8’s nearly non-existent bezels and rounded corners. All in all, it’s looking to be a big move on Samsung’s part in many respects — and it better be, if the company wants to meet its reported sales goal of 60 million units in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

While MWC might be a bit less exciting this year with the absence of a big Samsung flagship launch, we’re still expecting big announcements from HTC, LG, and many other Android OEMs — so stay tuned!

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