It’s 2017, so of course everything leaks. While Samsung has just announced that it won’t attend this year’s trade show in Barcelona, LG will be present at MWC on February 26, but perhaps it won’t have much to tell us when the time comes. A new leak shows us (at least partially) what its upcoming G6 is likely going to look like…

An image obtained by The Verge, which seems like a proper, official-looking image, is in fact giving us a glimpse at the Korean giant’s next bet. The report mentions once again that LG has decided to ditch modularity for good, and convert to a more conventional metal unibody structure.

And while this could seem uninteresting at first — like these purported leaks initially pictured — the device here shown does have a few particular aspects. For one, the top bezel is very small, as are the side ones; additionally, the piece details that the bottom chin is only marginally larger, so the overall dimensions should give back a device that makes wise use of its front surface.

“Xiaomi’s Mi Mix is the closest competitor to LG’s new handset in this quest to make an all-screen phone,” says The Verge — and that’s quite a statement to make, considering just how much of an engineering and design marvel Xiaomi‘s creation is. We certainly hope for LG to come as close as possible to that.

The frame, which reportedly has room for a headphone jack, also contains the volume rocker, while the home/sleep button will still be positioned on the back of the device, where the dual-camera and flash also reside. Its compactness also has other ups and downs: water resistance and a non replaceable battery, respectively.

One last interesting bit comes with the display: other than being slightly curved at the edges — creating, in my opinion, a fascinating harmony with the outer shape of the metallic trim — it will indeed use a weird 2:1 aspect ratio (or 18:9, as LG is seemingly going to market it) while sticking to a QHD resolution and 5.7″ diagonal.

Will this be enough for LG to succeed in the saturated smartphone market? It’s really hard to say — software will surely be a big differentiator, as well as price. In any case, we will be live from MWC next month to tell you all about it.

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