We told you today that SVP of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, teased Android fans everywhere with a tweet about Oreos. Every new version of Android is named after a tasty treat or dessert, and since the current version is Android Nougat, we can assume that the next version will be Android O.

So does that mean that Google might name the next version of the operating system Oreo… or something else?

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Those in the United States (and perhaps elsewhere in the world) might think of Oreo when asked about a dessert that starts with the letter O. A potential issue with that, though, is that Oreo is a brand name and not a “type” of dessert. You may remember that Google licensed the KitKat name several years back, and they could very well do that again.

Like we said in our earlier post, these Oreo related tweets probably mean nothing. Lockheimer did something very similar leading up to the announcement of the Android N by tweeting repeatedly about Nutella. Obviously, the SVP of Android was just trolling people who were excited about the announcement — Google eventually unveiled that Android N was “Nougat”.

So what do you think the name of Android O will be? Oreo? Jell-O? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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