We all use wallpapers to personalize our devices, but sometimes the best looking ones are included right out of the box. Almost every new phone comes with a unique new wallpaper, and the LG G6 is no different. However, quite a bit more work went into making LG’s wallpapers than you would probably expect…

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In a new video, LG gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating the wallpapers for the LG G6, and it’s impressive what lengths the company went to in bringing us these unique wallpapers.

Designers spent┬átime digging through color palettes, painting, and crafting the shapes that went into wallpapers on the G6, and the results are spectacular. The wallpapers that come with the LG G6 are colorful and don’t get in the way of the icons on your homescreen, which is what I primarily look for in a mobile wallpaper.

There are also some big hints at Material Design in here, especially considering these wallpapers were crafted with actual materials. Speaking to Android Central, LG says that it didn’t specifically follow Google’s guidelines, but they ended up with a lot of the same ideas.

If you want to download the wallpapers from the LG G6, you can do so here.

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