While typing support in Google Assistant only began rolling out last week at I/O 2017, the feature is already seeing its first update. The initial iteration kept Gboard’s native suggestions row, but Assistant now uses a customized bar that lists full search phrases.

This new suggestions row is white and bleeds in with Assistant’s lighter interface. Instead of just offering suggestions for the next word, this bar provides full search phrases that you can ask Assistant. For instance, “what’s the temperature outside” was one, while a previous search phrase was also present for me.

Tapping one will populate the text field, with users given the option to make an edit before entering.

Full terms appear on initial launch when there is no text in the Assistant’s search field. Once a user begins typing, the row will switch back to offer suggestions for the next word and spelling corrections. This functionality offers the usual three suggestions, while the fuller phrases only list two.

Overriding and replacing Gboard’s suggestion row avoids confusion as users were presented with two ways to perform a Google Search in the older interface. Meanwhile, full search suggestions will help remind users that Assistant can answer complex search terms.

This updated suggestions row is already live on several of our devices.

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