Google has announced Google Clips, a new miniature camera that costs $249. The focus of this new product is to allow you to enjoy experiences without having to remember to capture a moment.

Google Clips is a camera designed to spontaneously capture important moments and memories, all without anyone having to be available to take a shot. Here’s how Google describes the new product:

Google Clips is smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing. So the camera captures beautiful, spontaneous images. And it gets smarter over time.

As the name implies, the device captures what Google calls “motion photos” that are several seconds long (no audio). Google Clips uses machine learning to recognize familiar faces over time and will even pick out dogs and cats.

When you want to view your clips, you can decide what to keep and what to share. If you have a Pixel smartphone, you’ll also get unlimited original-quality storage for clips as well.

For $249, Clips features 16GB storage and 3 hours of “smart capture” per charge.


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