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October 2017 - October 2019

Google Clips is a small camera powered by AI, smartly taking photos of loved ones and pets without requiring you to look at a screen.

Google Clips Stories October 16, 2019

RIP Google Clips, you weird little automatic camera

Google makes a lot of bets on AI, but one of its most strange was that of Google Clips. Launched in 2017, the camera was designed to take pictures completely on its own to capture moments that it otherwise wouldn’t. Now, Google Clips has silently been killed off.

Google Clips Stories October 19, 2018

Over the months, we’ve followed a variety of prototypes for Google’s Fuchsia OS, each filling a different niche from Google’s current product line. This week on Fuchsia Friday, we look at the latest prototype, Sherlock, and some of the possible form factors it could take.

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Google Clips Stories September 27, 2018

Google Clips update saves best frames in full-res, revamps High Capture Rate, more

Quietly announced at last year’s 10/4 event, Google continues to improve Google Clips with new features every two or so months. September’s update includes full-resolution frames for the best highlights and a “completely rebuilt” High Capture Rate.

Google Clips Stories July 12, 2018

Google Clips updated w/ Timelapses, better smile & expression detection, more

Two months after its last update and amidst an ongoing summer sale, Google Clips is rolling out several new features today. Version 1.6 introduces Timelapses, improved expression recognition, and increased smarts.

Google Clips Stories May 11, 2018

Unlike other Made by Google products, Google Clips did not get a presence at I/O 2018 despite it being an obvious example of AI. To make up for this, the smart camera is adding the ability recognize hugs, kisses, dance moves, and more, as well as multi-device pairing.

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Google Clips Stories March 26, 2018

Google Clips now takes a high-resolution still when manually capturing a clip

After being on the market for roughly a month now, the Google Clips app has officially gotten its first real feature update. In addition to capturing a high-resolution still when you manually press the capture button, you can now pinch-to-zoom to crop into your clips…

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