With Google Pay now replacing Android Pay, we’ve gotten a lightly redesigned application. With this, comes a slightly new way to add various cards to your account. Here’s how it all works…

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Steps to adding your different cards to Google Pay

  1. Adding a credit/debit card
  2. Adding a loyalty program
  3. Adding a gift card
  4. Adding a PayPal account
  5. Adding a Visa Checkout account

1. Adding a credit/debit card

With the redesign, Google Pay is now divided into two tabs: Home and Cards. While you can see whichever credit/debit card is set as the default from the Home tab, most of your personal accounts and cards will be displayed in the Cards section.

To add a credit or debit card, you’re first going to need to head on into the Cards section. From there, tap on the blue + floating action button. After, a pop-up will display various options. Select Add a credit or debit card.

Next, you can choose one of the different cards that Google already has on file for your account or you can select the option to Add a new card.

If you decided to go with a card already on file, you will just need to verify some of the credit or debit card’s information and verify the Google Pay installation with your bank. If you choose to add a new card, the only additional steps you’ll need to take is filling out all of your card’s details.

Use the images below to help if you get lost along the way.

2. Adding a loyalty program

Signing up for your favorite store or restaurant’s reward/loyalty programs seems like a great idea for getting discounts and rewards, but it can be annoying trying to remember to either bring your membership card or remember your account information. With Google Pay, this is a problem of the past.

Head back to the Cards section of the app and tap on that blue + floating action button. Select Add a loyalty program.

Next, you’ll see a list of nearby stores that have loyalty programs that you might have a membership with. If you don’t see your retailer on this list, you can search for it.

Next, you can either take a picture of your card or manually type in your account number.

With everything set up, the next time you head into a store, all you will need to do is show the cashier your loyalty card within Google Pay.

3. Adding a gift card

Just like with loyalty cards, it seems like you never have your gift card on you when you need it. With Google Pay, you can store your different cards in the app and let a cashier scan it right from your phone.

To add one, tap back to the Cards section of Google Pay, select the blue + floating action button, and choose Add a gift card.

From the new screen, just select one of the popular nearby retailers or search for the shop that accepts your gift card. After, you will need to enter several pieces of information such as the card’s number, security code, and sometimes other things like the card’s balance.

4. Adding a PayPal account

If you’re hesitant to use your credit/debit cards for purchases and want a second level of security, using PayPal is a great option. Before setting things up on Google Pay, I recommend you head to PayPal’s website and create an account if you haven’t already.

Now, just like all of the above options, head to the Cards section and tap on the blue + floating action button. This time, you’re going to need to choose the Add other payment methods option before then selecting PayPal.

From there, you’ll be taken to PayPal’s website in a web browser. You’ll then need to sign into your account and grant permission to Google Pay.

5. Adding a Visa Checkout account

Just like with PayPal, Visa Checkout is another way to separate your credit/debit cards from purchases. Make sure you’ve set up an account on the Visa Checkout website before trying to add one to Google Pay.

The process is pretty much identical to PayPal’s. Open the Cards tab, select the blue + floating action button, choose the option to Add other payment methods, and then locate Visa Checkout. Just like with PayPal, you’ll be taken to a web browser to sign into your account and grant Google Pay permission to use it.

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