As I discovered a week ago while trying to find a third-party camera app for Android with manual controls, almost everything in the Play Store is pretty bad. But Moment, the company known for its smartphone camera lenses, is here to fix that with the ‘Pro Camera’ app.

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The Moment Pro Camera app offers almost everything a professional photographer would want out of a smartphone camera app. These features include the ability to shoot in RAW, see a live histogram, and the option to manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO, exposure, focus point, and white balance.

And to go along with the lenses that the company sells, Moment includes a section in the app where you can select which lens you have attached to the phone. It’s not entirely clear if the app corrects for any image warping, but by selecting one of the options, it adds the lens info to the image in the app’s gallery. This makes it easy to look back and remember which lens you used for a specific shot.

And remember the Pixel Visual Core that only a handful of apps took advantage of? Well, Moment tells us that it’s currently working on integrating the chip and will add HDR+ in the future.

Make sure you check out Moment’s video embedded below as it takes a more in-depth look at the Pro Camera app. Just a fair warning, though, that they primarily focus on the iOS app which does currently offer several features not yet found on the Android app. Unfortunately, one of the missing features is the ability to shoot video.

If you’re interested in downloading Moment’s Pro Camera app for yourself, you can purchase it right now for Android from the Play Store for $1.99. The iOS version is also available for $2.99.

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I’ve personally been using Moment’s Pro Camera app for the last several days and can honestly say that it’s replaced the stock camera app for me.

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