Moment Stories March 3, 2020

Moment makes some killer lenses for smartphones, but those lenses usually require a specialized case that the company only makes for a few Android models. Today, Moment has announced a new universal mount that brings the company’s lenses to any Android phone.

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Moment Stories February 29, 2020

This week, Moment announced that it would be pulling the plug on its Android app, “Pro Camera.” Why? Because of Android’s fragmentation. In the time since, I’ve seen countless people complain that Moment just isn’t trying hard enough or that it can’t be that complicated.

Instead of just telling you that I think they’re justified in this decision, I think it’s easier to just show you how complicated the situation has become for Moment Pro Camera on Android.

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Moment Stories February 28, 2020

The cameras in our smartphones have gotten incredibly good, but most of them are designed to just press a button and capture without any manual controls. Alongside its physical lenses, Moment has been working on its Pro Camera app for over two years now, but the company has just announced it will be shutting down the app on Android.

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Moment Stories February 5, 2020

Moment’s lenses for mobile phones can do a lot to improve your photography game, but I’ve never been a fan of the company’s cases. Today, Nomad is stepping in to help with a Moment compatible leather case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

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Moment Stories November 26, 2019

Wide-angle photography is becoming increasingly more popular on smartphones thanks to the wide availability of ultra-wide-angle lenses. Google’s Pixel 4 doesn’t offer that natively, but you can add it with the help of a Moment lens and lately I’ve been testing out the company’s brand new 14mm fisheye lens with the phone.

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Moment Stories July 1, 2019

Moment Pro Camera app for Android adds ‘de-squeeze’ for anamorphic videos

Moment lenses are a great way to improve photography and videography on your smartphone, but the company’s Android app has always been just a bit behind the iOS version. One feature from the Moment Pro Camera app that’s finally arriving on Android in the latest update is the ability to save anamorphic videos with the “de-squeeze” effect in place.

Moment Stories May 28, 2019

Moment debuts wallet cases for Pixel 3, new bags, Pixel 3a and OnePlus cases too

Moment has been making some of the best photo/video accessories for mobile devices for a fair bit now, and today they’re introducing a handful of new items including wallet cases for devices including the Pixel 3, bags, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

Moment Stories May 1, 2019

Moment Pro Camera app updated w/ more manual controls, focus peaking, better Android support

Moment is a company all about getting the most from your smartphone’s camera as possible, and today they’re introducing a huge update for their camera app. The Moment Pro Camera is adding manual controls, focus peaking, and much more.

Moment Stories February 5, 2019

Google’s work in smartphone cameras is quite simply amazing. Between HDR+ and the black magic that is Night Sight, it’s unparalleled and is a huge reason why the phone sits in my pocket daily. However, it still lacks a lot of the flexibility of a traditional camera. That’s where Moment lenses come in – here’s what they can do with the Google Pixel 3.

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Moment Stories December 11, 2018

Moment lenses are one of the best ways to improve your smartphone camera experience. Starting today, Moment is launching cases for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T.

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Moment Stories November 13, 2018

Smartphone cameras are getting insanely good, especially in the case of Google’s Pixel lineup and Apple’s latest iPhones. Moment has made some excellent lenses to produce even better shots out of your phone, and today the company is launching the new Moment Tele 58mm lens.

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Moment Stories August 24, 2018

The camera on Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is amazing. Part of what makes it so good is Google’s HDR+ mode. Thanks to the Pixel Visual Core, that handy trick can be extended to other apps, and now one of our favorite camera apps is picking up public support…

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Moment Stories August 1, 2018

Pixel Visual Core support arrives for Moment Pro Camera app in beta on Pixel 2 devices [Update]

One of the best parts of using Google’s Pixel 2 is the camera, and what makes it even better is the Pixel Visual Core which some third-party apps can take advantage of. Now, the Moment Pro Camera app is adding support…

Moment Stories July 10, 2018

As I discovered a week ago while trying to find a third-party camera app for Android with manual controls, almost everything in the Play Store is pretty bad. But Moment, the company known for its smartphone camera lenses, is here to fix that with the ‘Pro Camera’ app.

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Moment Stories March 27, 2018

Moment announces the ‘Filmmaker Collection,’ introduces anamorphic lens, more

Moment is a well know accessory maker that produces high-end camera lenses for smartphones. After teasing an announcement for several weeks now, the company has unveiled a new anamorphic lens, a universal gimbal counterweight, and more…

Moment Stories March 16, 2018

After reading our review of Moment’s lenses and how it made the Pixel 2’s camera even better, I knew I had to get my hands on the different pieces of glass. Unfortunately, the $90 to $100 per lens stopped me in my tracks and made me reconsider the purchase. Thankfully, RhinoShield, the makers of one of the best bumper cases on the market, now has its own line of smartphone lenses available for just a fraction of the cost (25 to $60).

Here’s a detailed look at both company’s lenses, the photographs they allow you to take, and my thoughts on if they’re worth the money.

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Moment Stories October 30, 2017

Google seriously knows what it’s doing with photography. The original Pixel blew us away in the camera department, and the Pixel 2 only makes that even better, once again being the best smartphone camera on the market. Thanks to Moment, you can make that camera even better…

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Moment Stories September 4, 2015


Runtastic, the maker of popular fitness apps that was acquired by Adidas earlier this year, is today announcing the launch of its latest companion hardware with the new Runtastic Moment fitness tracking smart watch. expand full story

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