Almost all the home appliances you buy today are “smart” and integrate with Assistant for voice commands on Android and Smart Displays. Google today added support for smart robot mops, which allows device manufacturers to create Assistant Actions and open up remote control.

The new “Mop” Assistant device type is identical to the existing “Vacuum” class. Developers can create commands that let you send the appliance back to a charging dock for power and resupply, or find where it’s currently cleaning in your home.

Compared to a vacuum, robot mops use water and soap — in addition to bristles — to clean a surface. As a result, you might not want this smart gadget to operate everywhere. The “Modes” device trait allows devices to use different settings depending on the floor type. Other standard commands that can be created include start/stop, on/off, and run cycles.

Interactions with mops may include starting, stopping, pausing cleaning, docking, checking the current cleaning cycle, locating the mop, or adjusting various modes and toggles. Some mops may support cleaning specific zones in the home.

Appliances in this class will feature a distinct “mop icon” to differentiate itself from robot vacuums in the Assistant device list. In practice, this should allow Hey Google commands similar to Roomba’s, like telling Google Assistant-compatible robot mops to turn on and where to clean next.

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