Google Stadia is set to arrive later this year, and at the company’s massive booth at Gamescom 2019, it offered demos to some eager players. Here are some early impressions on Google Stadia from those who tried it first.

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In a couple of videos posted to the @GoogleStadia Twitter account, Google found out what some of these early players of the service thought. Given that it was an official promotional video, the players had nothing to say but good things.

One explained that the service felt fluid and that you could “never tell” it was streaming. Another player called it “shiny” and just as good as playing on a PC. Yet another commented on the potential of the platform, saying how she liked the hardware and games themselves didn’t constantly have to be up to date.

Thankfully, public early impressions of Google Stadia mostly mirrored these comments. A quick search around Twitter finds users saying it was “better than expected” and “beyond playable.” One user noted that lag wasn’t noticeable even while playing Mortal Kombat, but the service seemed to favor the controls over the visuals, as there was some “intermittent loss of clarity.”

In a follow-up video, Google asked some players where they might want to use Stadia in their lives, with these users saying they want to use it perhaps at university, at work when the boss is away, and one even suggesting somehow using it in a cinema.

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