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October 23

Microsoft Store discounts Surface Duo by $200, now starting at $1,199

Microsoft launched its Android Foldable just a little over six weeks ago. The reception on the company’s most recent phone outing and new category entrant has been mixed. In possible response, the Surface Duo has now been discounted $200 on the official company store.


Microsoft Edge is getting a slick vertical tab UI that I wish Google Chrome offered

The Chromium-based version of Microsoft’s browser has gotten very popular since its debut earlier this year, and as it continues to develop, new features and ideas are being added. Now, there’s another new addition. Microsoft Edge is adding a vertical tab UI.

October 9

Outlook for Android adds sync support for Google, Samsung calendars

Microsoft’s Outlook for Android is a really surprisingly good email client that in some ways, is actually better than Gmail. Now though, Outlook for Android has added the ability to sync calendars with the dedicated Google and Samsung calendar apps — making it even more enticing.

October 26

Swiftkey on Android may gain Windows 10 clipboard sync feature

Although Swiftkey might not be the most popular or most used Android keyboard, a neat new clipboard sync between your smartphone and Windows 10 PC is in the works.

October 12

[Update: New workaround] Google Chrome partially breaks w/ Windows 10’s May update

In May 2020, Microsoft released its latest significant update for Windows 10. As an unfortunate side effect of the May 2020 Windows 10 update, some users have reported notable issues with the Google Chrome browser.

October 26

Facebook Gaming begins streaming Android games from the cloud

Over the past two years, the cloud gaming space has become steadily more crowded with options from Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The latest player in the cloud gaming market is Facebook Gaming, announcing today the ability to stream Android games to your device via or the Android app.

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